Psychometric Career Assessments

Career Analysis for 8th, 9th & 10th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and subjects

Career Analysis for 11th & 12th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and career road map with detailed execution plan

Career Analysis for Graduates

It will help you to find out Most Suitable Career path and Career Road map with detailed execution plan

Career Analysis for Professionals

Early and Mid career counselling for professionals with detailed execution plan

About Us

The Career Counseling center is the part of our coaching institute named Smart Sutra, at Belagavi Karnataka. Here we professionally train for Public Speaking, Competitive exams, communication skills, and personality development courses through online and offline modes. The Career Counseling and study abroad center has been established to provide solutions to all kinds of career confusion among students and professionals. Our Comprehensive approach of understanding the inner capabilities of our clients with empathy, complete analysis, and full-fledged solutions make us a league apart. Our assistance is of inestimable worth for those who like to make an informed career decision and avoid career disasters later in their life.

We provide guidance and support to the students aspiring rewarding careers with the highest standard of professionalism. 

The main aim of our center is to help candidates in choosing a field that is in tune with the skills and abilities that they possess. The assessments highlight their interests, outlining their strengths and weaknesses, which in turn will make them discover their true potential, guiding them to their desired career path. We believe in helping the students to keep the right mental attitude and suggest the best career path through smart personalized counseling techniques which are based on the personality type, career values, and interests.

About The Counsellor

Mr. Shrinivas Balaraju  a Teacher and a Career Counseling Specialist, he believes that to be successful, one should compete with himself and end one’s day by being a better version of ones self.

 He has been a Teacher and Mentor to various students for the last 12 years. By Qualification he has done B.E, M.Tech and has been a Professor for five years and from the last seven years he is heading an institute for Competitive Exams, Communication Skills and Personality Development.  

He believes, No career is a bad career, it’s the wrong choices made by the individual which turns his life into a misery. Investing your time in understanding yourself, exploring yourself through various traits, understanding the opportunities around you, and then coming to a conclusion is the right way to choose your career path. Career choices are life choices, it plays a major role in the span we live in this world, so one should be serious in choosing the right one.

     Our lead Counselor is an ambitious, strong-minded dedicated individual who is passionate and highly committed in providing the right guidance needed for the individuals aspiring for future growth. He believes that every individual possesses the unique inherent skillset needed for growth and once that is identified it can work wonders with them. Mr. Shrinivas and his team possess excellent leadership qualities, he has been an active member of various groups in creating career awareness and is highly connected to a huge network. He understands the requirements of the individual and takes utmost care in aiding them to discover their true potential and interests enabling them to channelize their desired career path.  

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